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The North Dakota Board of Massage has been in existence since 1959. The board is an agency in the executive branch of government. The Board is a five member board with three Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs), one instructor, and one consumer member. Board members are appointed by the Governor’s Office. Member terms are staggered so at least one board member is new each year. LMTs serve for 3 years, instructor serves for 2 years and the consumer member serves for 2 years.

The board is responsible for the proper licensure and regulation of licensed massage therapists who practice in North Dakota. Its purpose is to protect the public by licensing massage therapists, regulating the practice of massage, and by providing inspections of businesses.  By doing these things the board also protects massage therapists and their businesses from being associated with unscrupulous and poorly trained people who try to affiliate themselves with massage therapy.




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