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Administrative Code

The Administrative Code is promulgated by the Board with subsequent approval by the Attorney General’s Office and the Administrative Rules Committee of the legislature.  Once enacted, Administrative Code has the full force and effect of law.

How is Administrative Code different than the Law?  Administrative Code further clarifies and defines the laws.  The Board cannot provide legal advice, however the administrative code and laws are straightforward leaving little room for interpretation.

N.D. Administrative Code Title 49 - Massage Therapy, Board of

Article 49-01 - General Administration
     49-01-01 Organization of Board
     49-01-02 Licensure and Fees

Article 49-02 - Educational Requirements for Licensure
     49-02-01 General Education Requirements
     49-02-02 Classroom Instruction
     49-02-03 Practical Instruction and Supervision of Students

Article 49-03 - Massage Establishments
     49-03-01 Requirements for Massage Establishments

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