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What is a Violation

What is a Violation?

A violation is any action taken by a licensed massage therapist that is contrary to the Board’s law and administrative code

Board’s Authority

The Board is authorized by law to take disciplinary action against a license if the licensee has violated the law and/or administrative code.  The Board obtains its legal authority through law enacted by the legislature as a means of protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public.  N.D.C.C. 43-25-10 and N.D.A.C. 49-01-02-04 list the grounds for which the Board may deny a license application, refuse to renew a license, or take disciplinary action against a licensee.

Is it a Violation?

The Board and its legal counsel may not offer legal advice or advisory opinions to the public or licensees.  If you feel you need advice on whether or not to report a potential violation, you should seek private legal counsel.

Unlicensed Practice of Massage Therapy

The Board does not have jurisdiction over unlicensed practice and may only turn such evidence over to the local authorities and States Attorney's office.  You are therefore urged to report such matters directly to law enforcement or the States Attorney's office who have the authority over such matters.
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