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Q. Are all massage therapists required to be licensed in North Dakota? 
A. Yes. Licenses are issued by the North Dakota Board of Massage Therapy to qualified applicants.

Q. What qualifications must be met to be licensed in North Dakota? 
A. Massage therapists must meet requirements set forth in NDCC chap. 43-25.

Q. Can a person become a licensed massage therapist by taking online instruction only?
A. No, 505 hours of instruction must be supervised, and must include at least 250 hours of hands-on practice pursuant to N.D.A.C. 49-02-02-03 and 49-02-03-01.

Q. If I went to a massage school in another state, can I be licensed in North Dakota? 
A. Yes, if the application meets the requirements of N.D.C.C. 43-25-07 and N.D.A.C. Title 49.  If it does not meet the requirements of North Dakota State law, you will be informed of what additional steps need to be taken to qualify for a license in North Dakota. 

Q. Is there a limit on how long a massage license is in effect? 
A. Massage licenses are issued for two years. Massage therapists are required to renew their licenses every other year. 

Q. How can I know if my massage therapist has a current license? 
A. State law requires each massage therapist to post their license at the place of practice. The license will show the date the license expires. 

Q. If I forgot to look when I was at the massage office, is there any other way to see if the massage therapist is licensed? 
A. Yes. You may look up a license on our website under the Verify tab. 

Q. Where in the state law can I find that which pertains to massage therapy laws?
A. Chapter 43-25 of the North Dakota Century Code and Title 49 of the North Dakota Administrative Rules. 

Q. If my massage therapist does something that I perceive to be unsafe, unprofessional, or threatening in any way, is there anything I can do? 
A. The North Dakota Board of Massage Therapy can discipline a licensee on the grounds set forth in N.D.C.C. section 43-25-10.  Any person can submit a complaint to the Board for alleged violations on the grounds set forth by this law.

Q. If I report a problem with a massage therapist, will that person lose their license?
A. Not necessarily. Each case is reviewed carefully and action taken is decided on a case by case basis. 

Q. Does my name have to be involved in a complaint? 
A. Yes.  A signed, written complaint is required pursuant to N.D.C.C. subsection 43-25-10 (3).  Please be aware that the Board is subject to open records law and as such, complaints are considered records open to the public, including your name.

Q. I have a license for massage from another state. Can I massage in North Dakota with that license? 
A. No, you must apply for reciprocity of licensure which must meet the requirements of N.D.C.C. section 43-25-18.  If anything is missing, you will be informed of what additional steps are required.  You may not practice massage until you receive a license from the Board. 

Q. I’m nationally certified so I don’t need a license in North Dakota, correct? 
A. No. You must be licensed by the North Dakota Board of Massage Therapy to do massage in North Dakota. In fact, both the MBLEX and the NCTMB tests include statements telling you that your result of pass does not indicate that you have a right to legally practice or that you have received a license to practice. You must apply for a license through your state licensing board or agency.

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